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May I bring colleagues to the Sign NZ Expo?


You are welcome to bring colleagues and workmates to the expo. A registration will be required of each visitor.



Do I need to register to come to the Sign NZ Expo?


Yes, the Sign NZ Expo is a trade only show. You will find further information on our ‘visitor registration’ page.



How do I register to come to the Sign NZ Expo?


You can register online at the Visitor Registration page. By pre-registering online you will save time at the point of entry.



Are there special hotel accommodation rates for the Sign NZ Expo?


There will be arrangements made with selected hotels in the central city to provide accommodation at favourable rates.

Check back at this address in the months ahead.



Are children permitted in the exhibition halls?


Children are welcome to attend provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Children are not permitted to enter into competitions or promotional draws designed to collect industry contacts from trade visitors.

It would be appreciated if prams or strollers are not brought into the Sign NZ Expo unless absolutely necessary.



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