Official Rules and Conditions...

All teams must assemble when and where requested by the Organising Committee.  All competitors are to conduct themselves professionally and honourably throughout the competitions


The vehicles will be supplied by the approved supplier appointed by Organising Committee.  Visual artwork will be supplied to all teams at a time specified by the Organising Committee.  All teams will receive it at the same time


The graphics will be printed and laminated by an appointed supplier, using the same specifications on media type.


The competition is a time event with penalty times.  Lowest time after official judges penalties have been added wins.  Irrespective of time, all teams must complete the application


To eliminate a team from completing the vehicle in standards not acceptable to the media manufacturers or the standards expected by the sign industry, the following rules will apply:


 The vehicles must be prepared and cleaned with a cleaning agent approved by the media suppliers and primed in areas in accordance with best practices prior to the event.


 Each team will have half an hour to prepare their vehicles.  Whilst this preparation does not form part of the timed competition, time penalties and/or disqualification still apply to incorrect preparation and cleaning procedures.


 The removal of lights, wing mirrors or any other accessories on the vehicle is at the discretion of the individual teams, must be done only once the competition starts not during the preparation half hour, and all removed parts must be put back on the vehicle before the team can declare their vehicle finished.


 The judges will examine (on the declaration of the team that their vehicle is finished) and will judge each individual panel of the vehicle based on the following criteria:





 Any defects in any of these categories will incur a two-minute penalty per defect, which will be added on to the team completion time.


 No help or advice from people outside the team during the event will be accepted and will incur time penalties (judges’ discretion)


 Equipment used to complete the vehicle is at the discretion of the individual teams.  As professionals you can bring your own tools.  Knifeless systems must be used where ever possible as cutting is unacceptable.  Damage to a vehicle will result in time penalties.


 The art visual must be adhered to in respect to positioning and matching of the graphics on the vehicle.








 Teams must wear appropriate WHS work wear.  No third party sponsors names allowed on uniforms.  Only the team name can be on the uniforms in addition to the NZSDA logo.


 All electrical equipment must have safety electrical certification before competition (test and tag).


 A cone is to be placed on the roof of the vehicle to signify the team has finished, and the official time will be recorded.  No work to be completed after this time.


 All judges will be appointed by the NZSDA.


All queries or clarification on any rules must be directed at the appointed officials of the competition.


New Zealand Event Organisers Warren Burrows and Bevan Weal (Contact details below).



For further information please contact either: Warren Burrows Ph: 03 544 9588,,

or Bevan Weal Ph: 07 378 9190,

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